A new beginning

MasterGigadrain is now Genysism! (Pronounced: “Genesis” + “-ism” = “Genesism”)

I’ve been wanting to update my gamertag/username/etc. (“gamertag”) for a while now, but I never knew what to change it to. However, stepping away from streaming gave me the chance to think about it again.

The nature of the name is something I’ll get into shortly, but it definitely feels better for me than MasterGigadrain does. Not that I didn’t like the name, but I was aiming for a shorter and hopefully more memorable name. Genysism is shorter at 8 characters (compared to 15), and I’m hoping it sticks out a bit more as well.

Genysism is a portmanteau of my name, Gene, and cynicism/pessimism. I’m definitely a mixture of both, so I think this works very well. Also, by coincidence, it starts with “Genesis,” which means both a new beginning, and could refer to the Genesis Device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and even the software I use at work.

I will not be streaming all the time, so there won’t be any schedules or too many commitments coming from me as far as streaming goes. As usual, it’s best to follow me on Twitch with notifications on to get notified when I go live.