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Hey there, I’m Genysism, and I want to ensure that you, our valued viewers, are in the know about how we handle sponsorships on our channels: “Genysism,” “Genysism Talk,” and “Cynitech.”

1. Transparency: I believe in being open and honest with our audience. Whenever we have a sponsorship, I’ll make it clear by using custom links starting with “genysism.com/ad,” and I’ll provide both verbal and written cues during the video or stream. Your trust is a top priority for me.

2. Sponsored Content: Sponsored content can include product reviews, sponsored streams, or product integrations within our videos. I carefully consider your interests and needs when selecting sponsors and products for our promotions.

3. Duration of Sponsorships: I don’t have a set duration for sponsorships in mind. Each sponsorship might vary in its length.

4. Sponsorship Approval Process: I base sponsorship approval on what I believe will interest you, our audience, along with compensation and our likelihood of meeting sponsorship goals.

5. Conflicts of Interest: Since we’re still relatively small creators, sponsorships generally won’t overlap. If by chance they do, I’ll make sure to avoid conflicts.

6. Sponsorship Cancellation: Our sponsorships are usually limited to single videos or streams. If an issue arises after the fact, I’ll explore ways to inform you about the situation and its impact on major content.

7. Viewer Engagement: Although I don’t currently plan on conducting polls or Q&As for viewer feedback, I’m open to exploring these options if our community grows and expresses interest in having these controls.

8. Platform Policies: I adhere to all relevant platform guidelines and policies, including standard disclosures.

9. Evolution of the Policy: I will periodically update our sponsorship policy to adapt to changes in our channels and audience preferences. Unless there are significant changes, these updates will not be publicized.

Channels Covered by This Policy:

This sponsorship policy applies to my channels, “Genysism,” “Genysism Talk,” and “Cynitech.” All of these channels are operated by me, Genysism, as brands of MGigadrain LLC. Please note that while I am a host and producer on the “Heroes Hideaway” channel, I do not have sponsorship influence there at this time.