Of Nerds and Geeks

When we go to school,
We are constantly picked on
Or bullied.

People look down on us,
Make us feel bad;
Useless, Worthless.

Many are ashamed,
And hide
Who they truly are.

Getting good grades,
Knowing a lot of big words,
Understanding academics;
It comes easy.

When asked
“How hard was the test?”
Our opinions barely count.

Lower self-esteem,
Higher thoughts of suicide;
Characteristic of our group.

But not me.
Not for a few.
We are proud.

I am abnormal,
I am a nerd,
I get things you don’t.
I ignore things you love.

You can’t keep track
Of all the partners you’ve had,
But I can count with one hand.
And I’m proud of it.

And it’s very simple why:
Steve Jobs,
Bill Gates,
Mark Zuckerberg;

All are nerds.
And I’m proud to be one
Because, like it or not,

©Early Spring, 2012; 2023 Genysism.

I was going through some really old files recently and stumbled upon some “poetry” from over a decade ago. I decided to post this one because I remember a friend of mine saying something very important at the time that stuck with me.

I wish I had seen something like this years ago.

So, to anyone who needs to hear it: You are valued. You are important. If you identify as a nerd, there are many, many people like you.